Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Friday Fun time again and thanks to KotS for finding this elsewhere and posting it on the AFTN forum...

All totally nicked from a thread on another team's website...

Two or more players should always dispute who will take a free kick, even after spending an entire week working out the fact on the training ground.

A goalkeeper must tap his post with his boot before taking a goal kick.

The referee must only blow for full time when the ball is in mid-air after a long goal kick.

man utd get a few mins extra time if they could do with it

European nights at Anfield are always "special"

When free kicks for offsides are taken and the taker moves the ball further forward than where the linesman is directing him with his flag, the linesman invariably just gives up and let's the taker take it from where he's put the ball down.

'Top teams' 'run down the clock', lesser teams 'waste time'.

When the ref is counting out the ten yards for a free kick a player must tap the ball forward to get closer to the goal regardless of the fact it'll be easier to get over the wall if you rolled it back a bit

Immediately before the ball is kicked off, both players in the centre circle must touch their genitalia while walking on the spot.
NB: this process may only be deviated from by clearing one's nose. In this case, the free hand MUST be placed on the genitalia.

One of the two players kicking off must stand in the opposition half, despite this clearly being against the laws of the game.

Any manager facing lower-league opposition in a cup game must describe the team he is facing as “well organised”.

When water bottles are thrown on to the pitch while a teammate is receiving treatment, players must always squirt some out on to the grass before taking a sip.

Everyone can encroach when a penalty kick is taken.

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