Sunday, November 22, 2009

This afternoon's 9-1 demolition of Wigan by Spurs was startling on many counts, none more so than if it hadn't been for some shocking finishing and some fantastic saves from Chris Kirkland it could have easily been double that score or even over twenty!

Just finished watching the highlights on Match of the Day and wow, what a rout.

As a fan you dream of days like that. A day when everything goes right (although not everything in this case as we've already mentioned!) and the ball hitting the back of the net again and again.

I can only imagine what the joy must have been of the East Fife fans that witnessed that record 13-2 victory against Edinburgh City all those moons ago.

To get nine goals in a top class league match these days though is phenomenal and it was great so see Spurs not easing up either.

I never get how in ice hockey it's frowned upon if you keep racking up the score. The same in kids football where they end the match and start a second one to keep scores down.

I'm sure the Spurs fans will be glad that it doesn't happen in football and will be enjoying every minute and every goal of that victory tonight.

One day maybe I'll get to see 9 goals by East Fife. Maybe next Saturday could be that day!


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