Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It wasn't exactly a shock when the SFA announcement the parting of company with Scotland boss George Burley yesterday.

Saturday's embarrassing 3-0 defeat by Wales was the final straw for many.

Burley's days are now over and it's not a happy period to look back on, so let's just quickly move on.

Maybe not too quickly though as it is vital that the next man given the task of managing Scotland is the right decision to take us forward in the coming years.

As we've said before in this blog, we're happy if we miss out on the Euros in 2012 (well maybe not happy but we can accept it) if we can see some development and a base for a team that will take us to the 2014 World Cup and beyond.

There are a number of young players out there who seem like they could be coming through in the next few years. It's important that we get the right manager to bring them up to full international standard.

All the usual suspects are being bandied around. Even Walter Smith is being mooted for a return, but this would be a backward step to go with someone that left the national team in the lurch to return to the lure of Club football.

The SFA need to take time to make the right decision. At the moment, I have no idea who to even suggest that this could be. I'm perfectly happy for it to be a non Scottish manager (Guus Hiddink anyone?).

All I do know is that this is a vital decision. The wrong one could send the national team into a freefall that it will take a very long time to recover from.


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