Friday, November 20, 2009

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The row over Ireland's controversial World Cup exit has rumbled on today, with all the major players having something to say and a few other unwelcome noses being stuck in as well.

Unsurprisingly FIFA have announced that there will be now way that the France-Ireland game will be replayed.

As much as I would like it to be played again, it would be a very dangerous precedent to set, as we mentioned yesterday.

I wouldn't expect this to be the end of it though. The FAI are still furious about what happened and I'm sure they'll be looking to see what legal action they can invoke, although again I would see this as doomed to failure.

I'm not sure what court would be willing to open a huge can of worms by ruling against FIFA, especially after a day like today where nearly 200 European matches are being looked into for match fixing. They can't all be replayed!

In a big surprise, and in a move that smacks to me of trying to salvage his reputation, especially in England, Thierry Henry has come out and said that he feels the only fair thing would be to replay the match.

Interesting that this announcement was made after FIFA made theirs to say that this would be in no way be possible. I don't doubt for a minute that this is genuinely how he feels, but it is no way going to make any difference for the Irish.

Perhaps the most surprising comments on all of this came from former Irish international Roy Keane who basically told the Irish to get over it and stop whining that they usually do, even going as far as to suggest that the players should have finished it long before that incident (which is true) and have nothing to complain about.

Nothing like the backing from one of your own. Which this was.

You still feel for Ireland in all this but there is no apparent route to fix this for them sadly and next year's finals in South Africa will be decidely worse off for their fans not being there.


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