Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ok, so it's the biggest story out there at the moment and everyone's commented on it, so we're not going to be any different!

Ireland's controversial extra time defeat to France in yesterday's World Cup playoff qualifier is going to be in the headlines for many days to come I would think and rightly so.

Cheating has been a big talking point in recent seasons. Diving, embellishments, match fixing, we thought that would be pretty much about it. Then along comes Thierry Henry to do a Maradona and handle France through to South Africa.

The Irish are quite right to be furios but their calls for the match to be replayed will fall on deaf ears.

FIFA can't go down this road for fear of future mayhem and backdated claims. Where would it all end.

France deserve to be punished but my favoured option of just kicking them out of the tournament isn't likely to happen either.

I've always been a fan of Thierry Henry. I think he's a class player and there's still rumours around that he will be pulling on a Vancouver Whitecaps jersey for their inaugural 2011 season. That thought had excited me before, but after what happened I don't want to see him anywhere near a Whitecaps jersey.

Henry's reputation will now be tarnished, no matter what apologies will no doubt be forthcoming after the event. He could have put matters right on the night if he was that bothered by it.

Ireland will be as angry that they didn't kill the French hopes off long before extra time as much as with the handballs that led to the winning goal. They could and should have been the runaway victors on the night.

Sadly, they're now left to think what might have been, wallow in anger towards Henry and everyone will have to live with the fact that cheats do win. It's a sad fact of life these days.


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