Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now before the East Fife fans reading this sit down and expect to read a commentary about Saturday's match and the Fife's future for the remainder of the season, don't worry, it's got nothing to do with this. That will come soon.

No the title of today's blog is for the diving cheats that are everywhere it seems in today's game.

Yesterday's English Premiership match between Liverpool and Birmingham City at Anfield was one to remember, not for the goals or the goalmouth action, but for the actions of David Ngog in blatantly diving to win Liverpool a penalty and what was to prove to be the equalising goal.

I think the Blues Lee Carsley, who had been adjudge to have made the "tackle", summed it up best when he commented after the match that it was an "embarrassing case of cheating".

I've been a big fan of Ngog this season. He's looked good when I've seen him turn out for Liverpool. He clearly has the skill and doesn't need this as part of his game.

Steven Gerrard, who is meant to be an ambassador for the English game (incidents in nightclubs apart), was also at it later in the match when he clearly embelished a challenge in the box and performed pretty much a bellyflop which the referee was having no part of. No booking though either.

How many times are players going to get away with this? The FA will probably review it, they may attempt to ban Ngog (ala UEFA with Eduardo) but then the appeal will throw it all out with the "dangerous precedent to set" line coming out once again.

Fines or player bans are not the way forward though. The only way that Clubs will actively try to stamp out this behaviour is for them themselves to be punished via point deductions.

Birmingham have just lost out on what could be two very crucial points come the end of the season. Why should Liverpool get off scot free for cheating?


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