Saturday, November 7, 2009

Women's football just has no appeal to me. It's not me being all chauvinistic. I'm just stating facts. I find it boring, comical and lacking of skill and I know about such things. I have spent over 25 years watching East Fife after all.

Vancouver Whitecaps season ticket package includes free admission to all the Whitecaps Ladies games, which involves several double headers. To date, I haven't been along to one in my two seasons as a season ticket holder so far and never saw any East Fife Ladies games.

Some of you will already have seen the footage below, but if we were to get all women's games to turn into catfights like this, then I think many of us would be queuing up to get into women's matches:

The main girl in question is Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico University. I won't make the obvious PMT gag, but she's certainly a player not to mess with, as many of Brigham Young University's team have found out the hard way.

She has apparently been banned indefinitely by her side but amazingly escaped the actual match without punishment. She has some serious issues to sort out.

East Fife's Shaun Fagan wasn't available for comment.


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