Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday's four European World Cup qualifiers maybe didn't quite set the heather alight with their action on the pitch, but they have certainly set up four intriguing second legs on Wednesday.

As we discussed before (see Blog of October 20th), the unfairness of UEFA's seeding is basically trying to secure some big names don't miss the big show.

Thankfully it might not turn out that way.

Portugal may well rue only taking a one goal lead into a hostile Bosnian stadium. If Bosnia can tie things up at any stage of the proceedings, I tip their fanactical and loud support to carry them through.

I'll still be rooting for Slovenia and taking only a one goal deficit back from Russia, including that vital away goal, gives them a great chance of qualifying and will be one of my teams to support in South Africa next year if they do.

Ireland have their work cut out now. They had so many chances in yesterday's game that they deserved to be going into the second leg with a lead and not facing a game of chase. Like it always is though, and as East Fife know to their peril so far this season, chances count for nothing if you don't convert them.

If ever that fighting Irish spirit was needed it was now and if they just play the way they did yesterday then they can restore some Celtic pride that Scotland seemed to do their best to evaporate.

The last tie between Ukraine and Greece could still go either way, but your have to feel that the Greeks have blown their chance to progress.

All in all, thankfully no blow outs and a cracking case of four do or die matches midweek.

Should be exciting as hell. It feels like the World Cup has started already!


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