Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today's clash between England's big two promised so much, as it has so many times before. On many of these occasions of expectation, you're left a little disappointed and that was the case for the first 75 minutes this afternoon.

The last 15 minutes, plus stoppage time, were great, fiery and ready to explode into chaos at any point it felt. If only both teams had decided to light that fire in their belly just that little bit earlier.

We shouldn't be surprised when they fail to deliver. So much at stake, blah blah blah. Rooney mouthing "twelve men" to the camera as he walked off the pitch no doubt being the viewpoint United will hold from proceedings.

Chelsea's one goal victory is probably what the Premiership wasn't needing. With a five point lead (although Arsenal do have a game in hand) and already playing like Champions with goals galore and seemingly plenty of depth, the second half of the season may be even less exciting at the top end of the table than it usually is.

It's hard to like Chelsea, or more particularly their players, at the moment. All the playacting, besieging of refs and constant whining make them a pretty loathsome bunch at present.

Today's game was one of England's showpiece matches. For the money you'd spend watching what was mostly boring action, I'm glad I'm a small team supporter and not subjected to "big league" action live every week. Not only is it cheaper, it's a lot more fulfilling to my mind.


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