Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two weeks ago we covered Spanish third tier side Alcorcon's amazing 4-0 victory over Real Madrid in a second round, first leg match up in the Copa del Rey (see Blog on October 28th).

With the second leg to come at the Bernabeu we said that you could be sure that Real Madrid wouldn't make the same mistakes again.

Well they didn't, but they still only managed to win 1-0 despite fielding a strong side including Kaka.

Alcorcon were solid throughout and advanced 4-1, whilst the Madrid fans were clearly irate, booed their team off the park and called for the head of boss Manuel Pellegrini.

For the money that Real spent over the summer it's nice to see them get their comeuppance in any competition going. It's good for football and great for the fans of the smaller, less financially liquid sides.

Pellegrini has already had that dreaded vote of confidence that he will be at the helm to the end of the season, no matter how the side fare in La Liga and the Champions League.

They're already struggling a little in the latter and in the former they're trailing Barcelona by a point after the first ten games. With form of three win in their last eight games the pressure is going to mount quickly on Pellegrini.

As for Alcorcon, well it's like a fairy tale for them and full marks to the Real fans for giving them a standing ovation at the end of the game.

It's moments like this that fill your heart with joy.


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