Friday, November 6, 2009

Well we mentioned we were going to do it (see Blog of October 26th) and now we have.

We've put our case forward for resurrecting Bayview Park from the ashes to Danny Baker to see if it makes his 20 grounds to be allowed in his totalitarian state on his 5 Live show.

You'll have to tune into tomorrow's show to see if he reads out the email and if he does, will we get success?!

Of course there is a good chance that the email won't make it onto the show, as most of the pleas for saving the grounds have been done by phone so far but the time difference rules out us being able to do this unfortunately.

If we don't make it on, we'll tell you what reasons we finally gave next week.

Another downside for us is that Dundee's Dens Park made the cut last week due to the wonky stand along the touchline. It now sits safe alongside Brechin's Glebe Park, so whether another lower league east coast ground can make it in is probably not likely.

But hey, we tried and it's been great fun, as is the whole show. What's the worst that can happen? They demolish the demolition!

So tune in to 5 Live tomorrow morning from 9am to 11am or catch the podcast later on the BBC site HERE.

And if nothing else, you'll spend an enjoyable two hours listening to some great banter and with Ross Noble being one of the guests tomorrow, what more could you want?!


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