Thursday, November 26, 2009

In one of the least surprising managerial casualties from this season, Paul Hart has been relieved of his role as Portsmouth boss and replaced by Avram Grant.

No matter how much Pompey would deny it, something just stinks about the whole thing.

Grant was recently installed as that delightful Director of Football at the club.

The role of Director of Football has always puzzled me. What exactly does it mean? What exactly does it entail? And more importantly, how much does it eat into what a football manager should be doing himself in his day to day job?

Obviously every Club is different, but one thing that does seem constant is that managers soon face extra scrutiny once such a role has been created and filled at clubs.

The question is always there - who is really running the side and picking the team and making all the key decisions?

The role just seems farcical and puts extra pressure on what is already a very pressure filled position. Sure it's fair enough having a senior and experienced figure in the game helping out the new guy, but isn't that what the assistant manager's job has been historically used for? (Stevie Kirk bringing on board Dave Clarke as his assistant for example).

Whether Hart had what it took to be a successful Premiership manager is a seperate debate altogether and whilst Directors of Football continue to thrive in the game, we'll have a lot of others like him this season and beyond.


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