Monday, October 12, 2009

In amongst all the World Cup qualifying excitement at the weekend, Scotland lost a friendly to Japan 2-0.

Decimated by call offs, the Scotland squad was hardly full of household names. Some of them might have struggled to be recognised by their own households. They certainly didn't look like they knew each other on the pitch at any rate.

Not surprising really considering the match was on the other side of the world in Yokohama, Japan.

You really have to question the SFA's sanity in sanctioning a match like this. The Scottish and English domestic seasons are not long underway and managers are wary about having their players away on international duty at the best of times and especially for meaningless friendlies.

And they don't come much more meaningless than this one.

After Scotland's horrendous qualifying campaign saw them crash out of the 2010 World Cup mix, now is the time for rebuilding but you need to do that closer to home and not thousands of miles and timezones away.

The game surely could not have taught manager George Burley very much, apart from how woefully unprepared these players were for international duty. It was basically one way traffic, with nothing coming from the Scottish "attack". Getting away with just a two goal defeat was very fortunate.

Six players made their debuts and if you were being generous, maybe a handful of the whole team made any good impression.

With around five more games before Scotland begins it's Euro 2012 campaign, we do need to start finding the right mix, but we need to do it a lot closer to home so that we can actually have the players we want to have in that campaign turning up.

Before that though, let's just hope that the SFA have a long hard look at themselves and start reorganising whatever the hell goes on there.


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