Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One thing that a lot of fans of the larger football teams struggle to understand is why some supporters choose to shun the big sides, the large crowds, the trophies and successes and choose to follow a smaller side.

I don't know how many times over the years that people have asked me why I support a team like East Fife or who my "big team" is.

For me it there was never any other choice of team to follow. My local side. I knew little of their past or present, but knew they were the team for me.

Over the years the successes have been few, but when they come along, it's all the more enjoyable. The Cup shocks, the promotions, the 2007/08 Championship. It's for moments like those that you support a smaller team.

You also have a bond with supporters of those other smaller, less fashionable clubs around the world and for that reason, we raise a huge glass to the fans and players of Spanish Segunda B side (third tier) Alcorcon.

As many of you will already know, Alcorcon pulled off one of the shocks of all shock, beating Real Madrid 4-0 last night in the Copa del Rey. And it wasn't like the Carling Cup where teams field sides with hardly any players known to their own fans sometimes. Real field a pretty strong side that included the likes of Raul, Guti and Van Fer Vaart. Then again, with all the cash Real spent this summer it would be hard to field a weak team.

The Spanish moneybags were three down by half time and it could have been more than four by the end from watching the highlights.

It was great to hear and even better to watch. There is still the small matter of the second leg at the Bernabeu to come and you can certainly be sure that Real will be fielding a much stronger side then. A match not to miss.

So next time anyone asks you why you support a "small" team, remind them it's for moments like this.


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