Monday, October 26, 2009

Regular readers of the Blog will know that I'm a fan of Danny Baker and I'm particularly pleased to see him back on the air with a football show on 5 Live on Saturday mornings (you can listen to full episodes worldwide HERE). I know he's a love him or hate him kind of guy, but we here at AFTN think he's a genius.

We'd mentioned before about his twinning plan, where he'll twin up all the teams in the UK (see HERE), with East Fife being one of the early twins with Ipswich Town.

There's lots of other running points of interest on the show and one of them is his plan to establish a totalitarian state, where all but 20 football grounds the length and breadth of the UK will be demolished.

It's an interesting idea. There's too many teams, too many grounds and many of them, primarily the newer ones, are soulless pieces of cold plastic and concrete. Each week, fans have to make a case for their club's ground to save it from the wrecking ball. It has to be a good case though. No reason of just sentimentality will cut it. What makes your club's ground stand out from the others and deserve to be saved?

Already, the likes of Anfield, Goodison Park, The Hawthorns, Portman Road and Cappielow have been demolished. Few have been saved and, maybe surprisingly to some, one of them is Brechin City's Glebe Park. You just couldn't demolish that hedge though. Now that's character in a football ground.

Let's be honest, I'd be glad to see East Fife's Bayview Stadium demolished. In fact, I'd love to be operating that wrecking ball when it happens. Bayview Park on the other hand had character and history.

Under Danny's plan, it's not too late to save it. Yes, we could bring Bayview Park back from the ashes. We can rebuild it. We have the technology or rather Danny does!

So what can we offer up for reasons to save Bayview Park?

Well, from a football point of view there's the history of the only Second Division team to win the Scottish Cup playing three key matches there in 1938. Then there's the fact that the first Scottish Cup match under floodlights was played there in 1956.

Not enough, well what about the quirkiness of those concrete anti-tank blocks with the messages of our brave troops from the Second World War (see HERE). That might tug enough on the heartstrings.

Can anyone think of any other reasons, not just plain football ones, that could make a case for reviving old Bayview? Let us know here or on the AFTN Forum. If we get enough we can make a decent pitch to Danny!

I know the current houses sitting on the site of the old ground pose a little problem, but we'll iron this out. This is our chance to bring back Bayview, at least in a fantasy world form. And let's face it, anything's going to be better than the current stadium.


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