Sunday, September 13, 2009

Match Report: Peterhead v East Fife (Scottish 2nd Division)

If you'd told us that East Fife would be unbeaten after the first five League games we'd have been pretty happy bunnies. Surprised, but happy!

If you then went on to tell us that we'd have recorded four 1-1 draws in a row, all of them coming from behind, we'd have been more than surprised. That's how the Scottish Second Division season has played out though so far and we're far from complaining about it.

With East Fife currently sitting 5th on seven points, it's perhaps not been the most exciting start to a season but I'd rather we were taking something from every game than nothing.

Manager Stevie Crawford asked the fans for patience whilst he built the team he wanted, in his first stint in a mangerial role, and on the whole the fans have been giving him what he wanted.

The signs are there that the Craw is building solid foundations at Bayview. He's not been afraid to single out what's gone wrong and change it and his openness in the press is very refreshing. He is also trying to play some decent football and all that is needed is for some of the draws to be turned into wins and I think we're going to see the start of something exciting down Bayview way.

Yesterday's latest draw, against Peterhead at a windy Balmoor, was another spirited fight back. It's not been a happy hunting ground for us on most occasions since they joined the league but the players did well to keep themselves in the game that really was the proverbial game of two halves.

Peterhead had the wind advantage in the first half and were the better team, playing long balls over our defence and causing a lot of problems. It was such a play that saw them take the lead through Scott Michie on 20 minutes when he hit home from close range.

East Fife then used the wind to their advantage in the second half, with Peterhead content to just get players behind the ball and try and hit the Fife on the counter attack.

Just when it looked like East Fife's first defeat of the season though, Paul McManus took advantage of the Peterhead defence and goalkeeper Paul Jarvie's failure to deal with an Aaron Conway cross and Shagger had lots of time at the back post to head home the equaliser.

What's been most pleasing about East Fife this season is their never say die attitude. Once they go behind they don't let their heads go down and believe they will get back into things. So different from what was on display under Dave Baikie last season.

As we said, if we can just start getting some ticks in the win column this will boost the team's confidence even further. In the meantime, let's just see how long we can make this unbeaten run last.

FINAL SCORE: Peterhead 1 - 1 East Fife

ATT: 551


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