Friday, September 4, 2009

As a supporter of a small team, it's always nice to see those big bad boys get a jolt back down to the real world in whatever way possible.

When FIFA announced yesterday that they were placing a transfer embargo on Chelsea for the next two transfer windows, thus preventing them from registering any new players until January 2011, my reaction was well done for standing up to those money rich clubs and sending the message that they can't push around the smaller teams.

The ban stems from Chelsea being found guilty of inducing Lens player Gael Kakuta, who was just 16 at the time, to leave the French club and join the Blues.

Chelsea will be appealing the decision, of course, but such a ban is not necessarily a bad thing for the Londoners and could in fact help to strengthen the team and their push for Premiership and Champions League glory.

One of the annoying things for football supporters is the mass turnaround of playing staff at their clubs.

Takes my two loves. Both East Fife and Vancouver Whitecaps have a constant merry-go-round of players coming and going each season, and sometimes during it. There's not much point in buying a replica strip with your favourite players name on it as it might only be relevant for a few months.

On the whole, such mass movements in the playing staff causes instability and the team's performances generally suffer as a result.

By not being able to just go out and buy new players, Chelsea may find themselves in the fortunate position where their squad grows and gels far better than expected and their results will benefit from the stability in the side and the familiarity of the players.

You just have to look at English Division 2 side Bournemouth. They've had it tough. Administration, a 17 point penalty deduction, fighting for their survival as a League club and the imposition of a transfer signing ban.

Such things would kill many a club but the Cherries have fought back and in some style, currently sitting joint top of the Division.

The adversity and lack of disruption to the squad has built an amazing team spirit at Dean Court. The players have had the time to bond into a tight unit and grow stronger as a settled squad. The results speak for themselves and although manager Eddie Howe would love to have the embargo lifted, allowing him to strengthen his squad where needed, I'm sure that he would be the first to admit that the ban has had a positive effect on the Club.

Chelsea should take heed. This is an opportunity for them. Have some settled times at Stamford Bridge for a change and see what the results might be.


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