Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you know what really gets my goat?

I just always wanted to start a blog post that way!

I'm starting to think that I've hit the age that sees me turning into a grumpy old man. Some would say I hit that a few years back!

Watching football on TV these days I find myself shouting and muttering at the screen about some of the things that go on. Even more than when I'm at the match in person.

I dunno whether it's just from watching the overpaid superstars that does it, but their petulance and basic downright cheating is just driving me crazier every passing the season.

One thing that has bothered me for a while is the badgering of referees when they give a decision like a penalty. It's really getting to the stage now where some governing body has to issue a directive that when players are verbally abusing a ref then they get a straight red. It borders on manhandling him on occasions.

Saturday's match between Chelsea and Wigan was a prime example. The reaction of the Chelsea players after the penalty decision that saw Petr Cech sent off was appalling.

It's not as if Chelsea don't have previous with respect to this. You just have to look at last season's Champions League semi final with Barcalona and the horrible scenes that engulfed the ref then.

The big clubs like Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal have been at it for years. It tantamounts to bullying and it's always the same players like John Terry at the forefront.

It's way beyond time that someone is made an example, both the help the game and my blood pressure.

And breathe...


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