Friday, September 18, 2009

It used to be that when it was the Manchester derby, there was only one choice for who you wanted to win for many and that was the blue side.

Manchester City were the drunken daft uncle of Manchester footballing circles - harmless and you felt a little bit of pity for them. If they could come good once in a blue moon, all the better.

Now though, the hatred towards them is growing by the week and it's not down to jealousy of their newly acquired wealthy stature. So much so in fact that I'm sure I'm not alone in being unsure as to who I'd really like to win Sunday's big game.

The animosity towards City probably did start with their big cash investment if I'm being honest. Not through jealousy as I said, but from the fact that they then thought that they could just go and buy any player, from any club without question, driving up prices for some very average players in the process.

Then came the whole Joleon Lescott affair and the way that Man City publically handled their pursuit, disrupting both the player and Everton, was disgusting. It was like watching a school yard bully in action.

The latest controversies to surround the Club came last weekend of course thanks to the behaviour and actions of Emmanuel Adebayor.

Having been fortunate enough to watch the game live last Saturday, I was left disgusted and shaking my head at what took place and have never wanted to see a team come back into a match as much as I did Arsenal that day.

The FA's decision to ban Adebayor for three games for the Van Persie stamping incident was commendable. If only they could have banned him for longer and sent out a firmer message.

Then there was the whole celebration incident and another three match ban that is imminent.

I find it disgusting that City are appealing this. In many ways, Adebayor's actions when he scored were almost worse than the stamping because of the possible aftermath that they could have caused.

Having been in situations where opposing players have wound up our section of the support, I know how hard it is to keep your cool and how easy it would be to just completely lose it.

I don't blame the reactions of the Arsenal fans one bit last Saturday. They were more restrained than they could have been on the whole. If there hadn't have been so many stewards there we could have had an incident where Adebayor was set upon by a throng of angry fans and would have basically gotten what he deserved.

If Man City want to have any respect out of these incidents they should let the bans stand uncontested. To back his reactions sends out the wrong message.

One city. Two teams to despise. How can you pick a team to cheer on from that?


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