Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This wasn't really going to be the topic of today's blog, but I just had to share this with everyone.

I just stumbled across this You Tube footage from last night's preliminary match in the Copa Sudamericana between Blooming FC of Bolivia and Uruguay's River Plate.

It's the most unbelievable piece of hooliganism I can ever remember seeing that involves an attack on a player, as River Plate's Henry Gimenez gets attacked by a fan wielding a knife. Gimenez got a lucky escape to say the least.

We're so used to seeing violence at South American games these days that nothing really comes as a shock any more, you kinda become desensitized by it all. I have to say that I just had to go "woah" when I saw this.

The passionate atmosphere generated at games in South America is second to none, but does seem to come at a price. That said, I don't think I can feel that I've experienced being a football supporters till I take a match in on the continent at some point in my life.

Maybe best to just find a nice quiet corner of the ground to observe it all from mind you!

Just as an aside to finish, what the hell was the goalkeeper doing for the goal?!

Never a dull moment.


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