Friday, August 14, 2009

Time for more 'Friday Fun' from AFTN and another Top Ten List. To coincide with tomorrow's big Premiership season kick off, it's the Top Ten Most Likely Overused Comments You'll Hear This Coming Premiership Campaign:

(10) "My joining Man City had nothing to do with the money"

(9) "Every game's a Cup final for us from now on"

(8) "[*insert player's name*] is an important player for us and he's going nowhere"

(7) "Under pressure [*insert manager's name*]" - expect to see this about one month in

(6) "Can't afford to go down"

(5) "We've rejected an offer from Man City"

(4) "I didn't see the incident"

(3) "I never said we'll win the league"

(2) "Staying up's the most important thing for us"

(1) "Well that just goes to show you that money can't buy the Premiership title"


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