Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today sees the start of the 2009 Canadian Football League season (that's throwball for those that don't know not proper football!).

One thing I love about the CFL is that they actually listen to their fans.

This year they invited fans to tell them what rule changes they would like to see implemented in the League and out of all the suggestions they received they took on board four of them, which is excellent.

Can you imagine how good it would be if various football leagues around the world, and governing bodies like FIFA and UEFA, actually listened to the fans?

We could make sure that salary caps and youth development rules were in place in the top European leagues to make sure the gap between the rich and the poor sides doesn't get beyond repair.

The SPL could get rid of the top six split. The SFL reorganise into bigger divisions or regional leagues. The MLS and USL could have less reliance on playoffs, promotion and relegation could be introduced and, in the case of the MLS, just one league and no stupid divisions.

Of course suggestions are one thing. Getting the Leagues and governing bodies around to world to do something with the ideas would be another. Instead we're still left with rules that would rather penalise players for celebrating goals than do something really positive about divers and cheats.

Oh for all sports to be as open minded and fan friendly as the CFL.
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