Friday, July 3, 2009

We’ve decided to have some Friday Fun most weeks in the blog from now on. Just some light hearted relief before the weekend’s games.

This week’s piece comes about due to some throwaway comments from one of the commentators during the Confederations Cup . He was talking about some of the more unusual club names in African football (most of which I couldn’t find a trace of online!) and this got us thinking as to what other weird and wonderful names might be out there in the world of football. So we did some research and here are some of our favourites:

MATHATA TAKE ME COOL - Starting off in South Africa we found this team from the Vodacom League Free State Division. Sadly the team’s franchise was bought in June 2008 by Maulti Fet College. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

DANGEROUS DARKIES - Another seemingly defunct South African club that seemed to rise out of Apartheid times and lasted until around 2005. We weren’t able to confirm whether Ron Atkinson had ever managed them.

ELEVEN MEN IN FLIGHT - Swaziland Premier League side who play in black and gold! Successful side in the 1990’s but their nickname of “Easy By Night” presumably rules out a lot of floodlit matches.

SANTA CLAUS FC - Lappish club Santa Claus play in the Finnish third tier (Kakkonen Group C) and have a must acquire strip with their logo emblazoned over the front (Official website!). It’s hard to say whether they will rise the ranks of Finnish football though as they like to gift their opponents goals.

FOTBALLAGET FART - To end, for now, on a lowbrow note, just along from Lapland in Norway you will find a team called Fart in the Third Division. Their players are needing to toughen up though if they want to cause a stink in the Norwegian game as they’re always having the wind knocked out of them.

Ok, I’ll get my coat. Till next time anyway!


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