Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's that time of year again. East Fife's annual pre-season tour (read weekend getaway with the lads) starts tomorrow and for the umpteenth time we head off to County Durham.

You can read AFTN's tour preview on the main site HERE and there's a selection of pics from past memorable trips (who can forget the infamous Darlington 6?!!, or the naked penalties in Durham last time around?!!) HERE.

Pre-season friendlies and indeed, friendlies of all kinds, don't really get my excitement levels going. So much so in fact, that the past few seasons I decided to give most of our pre-season games a miss, tours and interesting games like the visits of Accrington Stanley to Bayview or the visit of LA Galaxy to Vancouver aside.

The fact that East Fife decided to not allow season ticket holders in free for these games was one of the deciding factors in this.

There's something special about the pre season tour though.

For a Club the size of East Fife, it's all about the bonding and fun aspect really and not the football.

On the playing side, with such a large turnover of players most seasons, it gives the new guys the chance to enjoy each others company and become a proper team.

For the fans, it's a chance to mingle with the players after the games, swap a few beers and stories and just chill out before the serious action begins.

It's frustrating that we end up down in Durham so much though and I know it's been three years since we've last been there but for a while in the 90's it was the only place we ended up going! It is fairly easy and short to get down there and the facilities are excellent, but still, a change of scenery is nice.

You can always be sure of a warm welcome though and Durham City did us proud in 2006 and so did Spennymoor in 1994 and both sides look to be doing the same again.

I was gutted when I missed Ireland last season. The closest we've come to a continental tour! The trip up north to Wick a few years back was a hoot and if we'd gone much further it would have been continental!

If they have any exciting plans in the future, I'll be there in a heartbeat. In the meantime, to everyone that's heading down, have a great, safe and enjoyable time and don't forget to send in your pics for the site.


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