Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for more 'Friday Fun" from the pages of AFTN and another Top Ten List. This time the Top Ten Signs That You've Been Watching Too Much Football On TV:

(10) An optical exam reveals a tiny Andy Gray etched into your retina.

(9) You can't go to your friend's stag party as it clashes with a vital Bundesliga match.

(8) Your grandmother falls down the stairs and you yell "penalty".

(7) When you go to the movies you complain to the cinema that their scrolling news box along the bottom of the screen appears to be broken.

(6) When Setanta went bust, you had to phone the Samaritans.

(5)You crash your car and suddenly go hurtling through your windscreen and the only thing that goes through your head is "I can't wait to see the slow motion replay of that one".

(4) When the news reports that a meteor will strike the earth, ending life as we know it, you murmur "please don't let it be on a weekend"

(3) Everywhere you go, you still hear those horns from the Confederation Cup matches

(2) You spend all your free time making cakes for Jeff Stelling.

(1) After sex, you run around the bedroom with a pillowcase over your head, then dive, arms outstretched, into the corner [or is that just me?!]


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