Monday, June 29, 2009

UEFA's 17th Under 21 tournament came to a close today with a rampant young German side trouncing England 4-0 in the final.

With the Confederations Cup running at the same time as the tournament I've found it hard to raise any real interest in proceedings, only watching the odd game here and there.

I know it's a chance to see the future today etc etc, but I've always found it a tournament that's difficult to raise any excitement.

At first I thought it was perhaps due to the fact that Scotland never seem to qualify, but after discovering that the tournament is only held every second year and not annually like I thought, the real reason hit me.

It's played for too often.

This may seem a strange comment to come out with after revealing I thought it was annually but some digging around online got to the bottom of my feelings.

With the Toulon under 21 tournament being played annually since 1974 and with it being a staple on our television screens each summer, the two competitions have morphed into one in my consciousness, with the end result being that I think of the under 21s as being summer regulars and nothing to look forward to.

Might just be me, but surely making the UEFA under 21 tournament every four years, in the year after the World Cup, it would make the whole competition seem more relevant.

We'd get a chance to look at the exciting prospects that could shine in the next year's Euros and it wouldn't clash with any major senior tournament.

For me, the ideal solution and one that would create some excitement and anticipation around the competition.

It might just be me being a grouch. If Scotland qualify in two year's time, ask me again if I feel the same way. I probably will though!


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