Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just had the chance to watch Saturday's Scottish Cup Final for the first time.

A wonder goal from Nacho Novo and the wrong side of a post was what led to Falkirk going down 1-0 to double winners Rangers, in what was a good, attacking affair.

Having touched on the romance of the FA Cup in the last couple of posts, it got me thinking again about something we've discussed on AFTN for many a year. Why can't the Scottish Cup capture the public's imagination the way the FA Cup does?

Even the addition of more non league sides and Junior sides hasn't done the trick for most followers of the Scottish game.

I love and welcome their additions though and the Junior sides in particular have more than held their own in the last two competitions.

The whole non league set up in England is fantastic. Even the smallest, FA regulated side can have dreams of Wembley. Very far fetched dreams admittedly but dreams none the less and maybe more realistically, dreams of taking a scalp of a First or Second Division Club.

The whole non league structure of the pyramid is a world leader and something I would love to see in Scotland, although many Highland League and Junior sides are quite happy not to go down that path.

Perhaps with more regional leagues and greater local media coverage of these, maybe one day we can have a proper Cup competition where the minnows really stand a chance of causing shocks that the public care about.


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