Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It used to be that when the season wrapped up in Scotland at the end of April or start of May, the wait for the new season to start seemed never ending.

Just what would you do with those long summer days to fill the void?!

Now, with the introduction of playoffs, clubs playing more friendlies, starting earlier and earlier, and early European qualifying rounds, it seems like hardly any time has passed since you saw your team in action.

This weekend has a rash of friendlies already pencilled in and Motherwell start their Europa League journey on Thursday.

East Fife played their first "training game" last night, although not that you would have known that if you didn't read AFTN and relied on the official site for details.

It was an easy work out for the Fife as they took it at a fairly slow pace and ran out 5-0 winners against Milton Amateurs.

The result was of little importance, it was just a chance for the squad to get some live match action under their belt and improve their fitness levels and thankfully everyone escaped the game without any early injuries kicking in.

In all my years of watching the Fife though I can't remember a pre season friendly being played in June before. Not that that is a bad thing.

Last season the Fife were rightly and widely criticised for their lack of fitness levels, which was unfortunately very visible in some games. New boss Stevie Crawford has already said that he wants to work on this from the get go and he already seems true to his word.

With a younger squad than last year, we may not be having the most talented players in the division next season, but at least they'll be able to last the pace!


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