Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Scottish Football League announced East Fife's fixtures for the 2009/2010 season today and the Fife will kick off their campaign at home to Brechin on Saturday 8th August.

There should be no surprise that it's Brechin, as we only seem to play them and Arbroath!

The Fife start their campaign with three of their first League games at home. Add into that at least two Cup games and that should keep all us programme guys busy for a while!

It's a strange looking set of fixtures, with the Fife playing back to back home games four times over the season and back to back away games four times as well.

The Fife face a Halloween trip to Airdrie, which is a scary enough place to go at the best of times.

Disappointingly, but only to be expected, our exciting New Years derby fixture is at away to Peterhead. More disappointing though is that the Club miss out altogether on a festive pay day as the December 26th game is also away from home, as we travel to Arbroath.

The loss of Raith and the failure of Cowdenbeath to get promoted have left the excitement of the League a little flat for us next season but at least we can look forward to another last game of the season fancy dress day out at our Smokie friends on May 1st.

Whenever the fixtures come out they're not going to please everyone. In fact, they seldom seem to please anyone!

I've been one to complain in the past about whatever "stupid way" the football authorities have come up with that season's fixtures but after reading this interesting article, I don't really think it's fair to ever really complain again!

Reading about all the calculations and allowances and requests that have to be fitted into producing the fixtures for the season is mindblowing enough. Imagine being in charge of it all!

Interesting that the computer doesn't take into account distances between grounds. Out of all the things taken into account, you'd have thought that that would have been one of the main ones, to prevent midweek trips to godforsaken places hundreds of miles away!

Seemingly not.

Ah well, at least we all now know what lies in store of us for another season at any rate. It's what we do in those fixtures that matters now.


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