Saturday, June 27, 2009

Watching another regional qualifier of UK Masters football today got me thinking of what would be a great little tournament in Fife to either get us through those long summer days without football or those cold winter days with it - a Fife Masters.

I've been slow to fully appreciate the fun of the whole masters footie that's filled our summer screens the last few years. Initially I saw it as just tv filler, but as more of the bigger names that you grew up with come on board every year and the players get younger and even more competitive, it's become something I look forward to and enjoy in the summer months of football free UK action on our screens.

The Scottish Masters in particular is always fun to watch and not only to see which bizare Old Firm players from yesteryear they drag up. It's also fun to see some of our very own old Fife faves show up in the likes of Gordon Durie and Robert Prytz. This year, we can look forward to Lee Makel doing a turn for Hearts and watch on in disappointment that the Fife couldn't do a deal to secure his services for next season.

Wouldn't it be great though to watch some of those players taking part in an East Fife shirt?

A Fife Masters would be great fun. Get the four Fife teams together and drag out those players that we can cheer and boo all over again. Look at the possibilities for the black and gold squad. There's those with experience - Prytzy, Durie, big Gordon Marshall in goal, Stevie Kirk. Maybe, although highly unlikely, we could tempt Stevie Archibald back. Or how about Arnold Dwarika.

The list is almost endless of legends we could watch once more. The same is true for the Rovers and Pars (who can remember any Cowdenbeath legends?!).

It would be a great event and hopefully pack the crowds in for some friendly rivalry once again if a suitable venue could be found. Possibly the Fife Institute could be converted ok, maybe even the Rothes Halls. St Andrews University could maybe have the necessary facilities. Fife Ice Arena in Kirkcaldy could be the most obvious choice and the easiest to convert.

You could even set up similar Masters events throughout Scotland and use them as regional qualifiers for the big Sky Scottish one each June/July. There could be a Lothian and Borders one, Dundee and Perth, Angus, Aberdeen and the Highlands or you could lump the Fife teams in with the Dundee, Edinburgh or central belt ones depending on how many qualifying spots would be up for grabs. This would also make finding suitable venues a little easier across Scotland.

Probably all a pipe dream of course, but it could be great fun and lets fans from outside the usual teams enjoy some memories of yesteryear, as well as letting those outside of Scotland know that there are Clubs and fans outside of the Old Firm and the Edinburgh sides.

Even if we can't get a Fife Masters to be any part of Sky's Scottish Masters at least the Trusts and Supporters Clubs of all four Fife teams should get together and get this on as a fundraiser. If holding it as an indoor tournament proves problematic, then let's get it on as 5, 6 or 7 a side outdoor tourney. It would be like a Seniors Fife Cup.

Let's make this happen!


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