Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the pages of AFTN, it's another Top Ten List. This time, Fifa's Top Ten Ideas To Make The Game More Exciting Next Season:

(10) Balls dangerously over-inflated with hydrogen

(9) New Rules for goalkeepers - save a penalty, win the salary of the guy that took it

(8) If a fan throws the ball back from the terracing and it lands in the net, it counts for his team

(7) Players can't do drugs unless they bring enough for everybody

(6) Conceding a free kick results in loss of possession - and shorts

(5) Substitutes warm up by riding around on giant llamas

(4) Players must constantly shout the name of the boot company they have an endorsement with

(3) Central defenders allowed to use baseball bats

(2) Score a goal - win a car

(1) 11 players - 10 strips


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