Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 2008/2009 season is now officially over for East Fife, although of course it was over a long time ago.

With the lack of goalscoring prowess on display for the Fife this season, it was perhaps apt that the final goal of the season should be an own goal. Even when we win, we can't score for ourselves.

There's been very little in way of plaudits to come out of this season. It's hard to even pick a stand out player of the season, but the AFTN 3-2-1 votes will be tallied up soon and the winner announced here and on the forum.

The performances, although few, of Muir, Cargill and Sheerin has been pleasing to see and hopefully will be the way forward for Stevie Crawford.

As we keep on saying, youth is the only way for a Club of East Fife's size and finances to go.

Maybe as well, at least we can find players hungry enough to play for the jersey and for the fans for a whole season.
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