Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scotland's shame (that's Rangers Football Club for those of you outside of Alba who may be unsure who we're talking about) just keep the embarrassments to the Scottish game coming.

Not content with riots in Manchester, censures about bigoted songs and players on international duty disgracing jersey and country, we now have this:

Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from Lafferty. To get a fellow professional sent off for such actions is the lowest of the low and right down there with spitting on a fellow player.

Hopefully the SFA come down hard on him, not that that will really matter as it won't affect the player or Rangers until next season.

His actions and the sending off could affect the outcome of the SPL. Rangers went down to ten men themselves but won 2-1.

Whether Aberdeen would have won the game with a one man advantage is something that we'll never know.

All we do know is that there is yet another dark blue cloud of disgrace affecting the Scottish game.


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