Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just when I was all set to start this complaining about another boring Champions League final looming, Barcelona stepped up to the plate and did the business.

Chelsea bored, whined and cheated their way through the game tonight and got what they totally deserved from it - nothing.

It wasn't the best refereeing performance in the world this evening and we're going to be talking about another shocking sending off decision, but the whole night was overshadowed for me by Chelsea's constant bullying of the official.

The reaction of Ballack at the end when he basically manhandled the ref was appalling. He should have just stopped the game there and then and send the moaning git off. What happened to the respect campaign? The fact that he was wrongly complaining for a decision in the first place makes it all the worse.

When the match finished, the reaction of the Chelesa players was totally unacceptable and I hope that UEFA throw the book at them for it. The ref should just have stood there, taken out his book and red carded all off them one by one.

For the good of European football, the right team is in the final.


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