Friday, May 15, 2009

The teams contesting the Football League play off finals have now all been decided.

After mentioning earlier in this blog that I had no real interest in the Division 2 playoffs this season I found myself watching the second leg of the Bury - Shrewsbury game on Sunday and what a match. It may have only had one goal in it during normal time, but the end to end action, the late goal, the sending off, the penalty shootout. Wow! That's what play off football is all about. My match of the playoffs so far.

Shrewsbury will meet Gillingham in the Division 2 final and my nightmare scenario of Leeds meeting Milton Keynes in the Division 1 final thankfully couldn't have been further from reality, with Millwall now meeting Scunthorpe.

Scunthorpe were the last team to clinch their place at Wembley tonight in a match that gave me a lot of pleasure.

I mentioned earlier how much I hate the Club killers that are the MK Dons. If they could never win anything else in their entire history and then fold then I couldn't be happier.

This season's finale in England and Scotland has been a kind of redemption season, where good triumphed over evil.

Big spending plastic MK are still stuck away from where they want to be and so are the Club that spent too much and imploded, Leeds. No bigger games and higher leagues for those two. MK will hopefully now just be one season away from meeting Wimbledon.

Another of the Club killers, Airdrie United, face relegation from the Scottish First Division and hopefully those play offs will go the right way and err on the side of good.

The final side in peril from the Club Killers Axis Of Evil could suffer an even worse fate.

Livingston FC are apparently facing administration, having already gone through serious financial problems in 2004. A date of June 30th has been set for the Club to pay off all their debts, with the local council seemingly the largest creditor. The Scottish League is also threatening them with relegation from the First to the Third Division if they don't fulfill paying the players wages.

Some say that they would never want to see a football club go out of business. I don't subscribe to that way of thinking. There's some I'd like to see go that way and for very valid reasons.

MK Dons, Airdrie and Livingston are three such clubs. Their sins in football terms need punished at some point and karma is giving them all a good kicking this season, with hopefully more to come.

In Livingston's case, the ideal situation of course would be for them to fold and for their place in the Scottish League to go to Edinburgh City.

What goes around comes around. Hopefully.


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