Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Man Utd-Arsenal Champions League semi final looked delicately poised on paper, but you just knew that it would only take one away goal from the Red Devils for the tie to be over.

For those hoping to see an Arsenal-Barca semi final like myself, any hopes of an entertaining evening were destroyed within the first eleven minutes. The oven hadn't even preheated for my pie before the match was as good as over.

As much as I hate Man Utd, I have to give them plaudits for a clinical display and they fully deserved their place in the Final. Grudging praise there.

What was truely shocking though was the decision to send off Darren Fletcher.

Now I'm not just defending him because he's a Scot, but Fletch can feel himself at the wrong end of one of the worst refereeing decisions I've seen in the Champions League this season.

You can argue over whether it was even a foul, as he clearly nudged the ball away but he was wrapped around the legs of Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas afterwards.

In no way was it a sending off though in anyone's book. A yellow card at the worst and that's if it was even an infringement.

How there can be no appeal on this is mystifying. Fletcher has been immense for Man United this season and to miss the final due to such an error would be heartbreaking for the lad.

It seems that is all boils down to whether the referee will admit he was wrong in his match report. I can't see how he can fail to admit this after watching all of the video evidence at his disposal, so it's now a case of wait and see for Fletcher.

Hopefully justice will be done.

Mind you, if the same thing had happened to someone like Ronaldo, I'd be laughing my ass off about it!


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