Monday, May 11, 2009

With two weekends of action left in the English Premier League, things are still no clearer at the bottom end of the table.

At the top it was a weekend that saw the top three all win again, Arsenal ship a barrowload to another of the top teams and Ronaldo showing both the things that he has in his locker - skill and petulance. Yeah, pretty much the same boring stuff you'd expect.

Whilst Man U can clinch another title before their nearest rivals even play another game, the battlers at the "business end" (copyright all lazy journalists everywhere) still have it all to play for.

Hull look in deep deep trouble now. Two games to go, one of them against Man Utd and the look of beaten men. I still feel if they can grind out a win at Bolton then they'll survive the drop, but for a side that was sitting in the top six at Christmas, their decline is frightening for all those similar teams with similar Premier League ambitions of surviving in their first season in the top league.

They've now fallen into the relegation spots for the first time all season and with just two games to go, there's not a much worse time to find themselves in that position.

West Brom continue to be the form side down there and you can't write them off either. The spirit and fight shown by the Baggies in recent weeks has been a joy to behold.

The big game in all of this of course was tonight's north east derby between Newcastle and Middlesborough. For those hoping for a north east relegation trifecta like me and for those just simply hoping for Hull to survive, this was one of those games where you want there to be no winner.

At a push a Boro win would have done and it was looking good for most of the match before Boro's lack of ambition and punch meant they had no hope of coming back once the Magpies eventually went ahead.

A 3-1 game was a surprise really as I'd expected a nil nil game from two sides with so much at stake but very little to offer.

The defeat basically dooms Boro and they'll not really be missed from the top flight.

Newcastle still have two tough games to go and I don't think they'll take anything out of them, so for Hull, one point may just do it.

I won't put my black and gold scarf away for the season just yet.


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