Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The second Champions League semi today couldn't have been more different from the first and full marks to Arsenal for making it the game it was.

When Man Utd opened the scoring so early, and had so much pressure, it looked like it might be game over and the FA Cup demolition of a few years ago popped into my head.

Almunia was in fine form for the Gunners and it was great to see them continually pushing forward for the equaliser.

Arsene Wenger's substitutions showed that he wanted to play attacking football and he had clearly seen that they were breaking down the Man U defence time and time again.

Sets up a cracker of a second leg and for a rare occasion in recent years, I'm actually looking forward to a Champions League match.

Let's hope for an Arsenal - Barcelona final. That would be a mouthwatering prospect.


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