Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last week the Champions League games looked tentalisingly poised, or at least three of them did.

The Liverpool-Chelsea game was one of the finest I've seen in years and a surprise really after some of the recent fair served up between those side. It was one of those games that you wished had gone longer and into extra time.

By the time the final whistle sounded in tonight's games we were left with the same old teams from the same old countries in the semi finals.

Three English teams in the semi finals, with one guaranteed a spot in the final yet again.

Proof of the strength of the EPL? Proof that it's all about money to get to the top echelons of the Club game these days? Proof that the Champions League is a farce?

All three I feel.

How can a tournament be classed as consisting of Champions when you have three sides from the same country in the semi finals. There can only be one Champion from that country. Last season it was Man Utd. If Chelsea or Arsenal win the Champions League this year then they have done so by default.

Maybe then more people will care and the Champions League can maybe one day return to what is used to be as the European Cup - a tournament fit for Champions.


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