Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Following the goal fest that was the Chelsea-Liverpool Champions League quarter final classic, the Blues restored normal service tonight by smothering the life out of their first leg semi final in Barcelona.

With so much at stake, the team to play away from home first in these affairs has such an advantage. Stifle the opposition, try and nick an away goal and you're all set.

Thankfully Chelsea never managed the latter part of this and if Barcelona can sneak an early goal at Stamford Bridghe next week then we should see some life in this game and hopefully a victory for the Spanish side.

It really is time for UEFA to start looking at the semi finals to be played at a neutral venue and played to a finish over one game. They've killed off all the tradition that went with the competition when it was the European Cup so one more change won't make any difference. And if nothing else, it'll make for some enjoyable spectacles in theory. The reality would still probably mean boring clubs holding out for penalties.


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