Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It was back to Champions League action today and for once, in my opinion, it was actually exciting, end to end stuff.

I’m not a huge fan of the Champions League. It’s not so much about who is the best team in Europe, but who has the most money to buy the right players on a lot of occasions.

For me, it only starts to get interesting from the quarter final stages, although even then there is often so much at stake to make defensive football come the fore and excitement take a back seat. The group stages hold very little interest to me once the Scottish teams have failed to qualify, so most of the time that from quite early on! The second round can be interesting but a lot depends on whether the big boys have unexpectedly struggled and finished second in their group.

Also, until it goes back to there only being Champions playing in it and not fourth place league finishers, then the whole competition can have no credibility in my eyes.

All that said, today’s games were surprising refreshing affairs.

The Man United - Porto game was a non stop, pulsating game and a great advert for football. I was very surprised by the attacking play shown by Porto in particular.

When they took the lead you feared they would sit on it, but nothing was further from the truth and they should be going into the second leg with a big lead. To keep fighting to tie it back up after going behind late on showed their metal and I certainly hope that they continue this style of play in the second leg and progress.

Any team with a player called Hulk deserves to go far!

The other quarter final was a tale of two cracking goals and it’s all to play for.

For once the Champions League did not disappoint or bore. Let’s hope this continues to tomorrows pairings.


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