Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Fife defeat.

Yes a meaningless game (although with Stirling and Peterhead both losing it would have let us keep some kind of pressure on them for the last play off place), but after Dave Baikie's rallying call to the players to play for their places next season, I think he has the answer that the fans knew already.

He has lost the dressing room. The current players don't want to play for him and the fans don't want him or Irons to be the management team.

The worrying announcements at Boardroom level have left us with a man in charge of the Club in Sid Collumbine that I personally have very little faith in being the right man to be at the helm.

We, the fans, have to turn the pressure on the Board. We've got rid of managers and chairmen in the past and we WILL do it again.

Don't give up this season. This is when YOUR Club needs you most of all.

Let the Board and the management know exactly how you feel about them and what change you are wanting before the season ends.

We don't have to be stuck with this. It's up to all of you now.
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