Monday, April 27, 2009

With another weekend of Premiership action now over, things are starting to look ever more precarious for Hull City.

It's starting to seem at the moment that they can't buy a break but it was good to see the positive approach on the field against Liverpool and if certain decisions had gone the other way, they may have been feeling a bit more confident about their fate.

Shearer's magic touch hasn't come to St James Park and with West Brom now showing some signs of life about them, it's going to be a tight run in.

I'd love to see Hull stay up as mentioned before. For a Club of such size and stature to survive would be great for football and as we've mentioned before in this blog, give hope to all fans of similar Clubs throughout the land.

A northeast triple relegation would be fabulous, especially as it would mean strong derbies in both the Championship and the Premiership (with all the midland clubs) next season and as we all know, derbies mean cracking, passionate football.

C'mon the Tigers. Stay in there.


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