Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just got around to watching Saturday's Soccer AM.

Gazza was one of the guests and if you didn't see it, well, let's just say he was unrecognisable. A shell of his former self, looking gaunt and old, but at least seeming healthy in the mind.

Whatever team you support, it's hard not to acknowledge the genius of Gazza on the pitch and the wit of him off it. His decline has been sad to witness in the last few years but at least he was able to joke about missing out on most of 2008 and seems to be positively moving on from his troubles.

His humour is still there and the stories he can tell are still fun to listen to, assuming you can cut through what seems to be an even stronger Geordie accent than I remember.

When Helen and Max did the "Team Mates" questions with him, you wanted the segment to go on for longer than it did.

I hope he has put all his demons behind him. I fear he hasn't and will be remembered by some for all the wrong reasons.

Not by us at AFTN though.

For those who missed it, you can view some of his bits from Soccer AM HERE.


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