Monday, April 6, 2009

They say you should never go back and on more occasions than not, they’re right.

When a player or a manager is held in such high esteem at their previous Club, going back and not achieving the success or fulfilling the hopes of the fans that placed them on that hero worship pedestal just leads to them have a tarnished memory.

Alan Shearer’s decision to return to Newcastle and try and guide them to Premiership safety is bewildering. He clearly loves the Club and wants to be their saviour, but failure will tarnish his legacy amongst the Magpies fans and possibly affect any future desire he might have to manage the Club.

I feel Keegan has spoiled his reputation by continuing to return to Newcastle and failing to deliver. The fans seems to keep forgetting that and yearn for his return.

Some won’t hold the failure to keep them up against Shearer personally and blame the long decline from the many other factors. Some will though as they expect too much of the man and forget his lack of experience.

I initially thought it was an April Fool’s joke when I first read it. His comments on Match of the Day indicate that he sees it as a short term job no matter what.

Has he nothing to lose and everything to gain? Does that option even still exist in the football these days. The fans are so demanding and fickle.

Shearer’s appointment reminds me so much of when Trevor Brooking tried and failed to keep his beloved Hammers up a few years back.

Some East Fife fans have been asking for the return of Davie Clarke. I personally wouldn’t want to see the great man return, fail and be hounded out and abused like so many managers in recent years have been.

We have a short tolerance level at Bayview. Let’s keep the legacy of Clarkie in tact and just remember the good times as they are.


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