Monday, April 13, 2009

With East Fife's season thankfully shortly finishing, and the Whitecaps one thankfully starting, AFTN has been giving a lot of thoughts to season tickets at the moment.

For years the East Fife season ticket package wasn't exactly value for money, partly for the price, partly for the savings offered and partly for the fact that it meant you felt obliged to turn up to watch dross every second week.

The price in recent seasons, if you get in on the early bird pricing at least, has been good, but when you consider the facts that your season ticket doesn't give you access to pre season friendlies, Cup games or play off matches you do have to question whether getting one has any real benefit.

Yes, you are guaranteed a ticket for any big Cup games but so does being a member of the Trust or Supporters Club and for a lot less money as well.

After a disappointing season at Bayview, the Club will soon be announcing their plans for next year's season tickets. With the backing of Baikie, the boardroom shuffles and the poor quality of football on display, shifting a lot of these in the current economic climate may not be easy.

With this in mind, let's compare what East Fife offer compared to the Vancouver Whitecaps season ticket package and let's see what can be taken to the Bayview boardroom to help offer the fans a better deal.

The Whitecaps season ticket packages vary depending on where you want to sit in the ground. I have a Southside season ticket. The standing, chanting fans area. My season ticket for this year cost me around 120 quid. For that I get tickets to 15 home League games, ALL play off matches including the possible Championship final, both the Canadian Championship games (which is a Concacaf Champions League qualifier) and, if you were really keen, all of the women's games and playoff matches.

Now that is value.

Add to that, a free woolly, a metal badge and discounts at local bars, restaurants and shops and THAT's how you reward loyal season ticket holders. The individual tickets also have pics of legends from the Caps 35 years playing history. A really nice touch.

MLS newboys Seattle Sounders went even further by giving their season ticket holders a box containing a badge and scarf for their inaugural season.

Both these Clubs should be applauded for recognising the importance and loyalty of their fans.

Now is the time for East Fife to give their long suffering fans something to make us want to get season tickets for next season or at least to show us that they care.


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