Sunday, April 26, 2009

Following two uninspiring draws and a defeat, the Vancouver Whitecaps finally got a notch in the win column yesterday with a deserved win against local rivals Portland Timbers.

A screamer from Martin Nash was what seperated the teams scorewise but the Caps were the better side by far, although Jay Nolly did make some important saves at the other end to keep the Timbers out.

What was particularly pleasing to see was the Caps players celebrating the goal in the Southside - something missing from last season and something I felt was important, to continue the bond between the Southside and the Club that has now been built up.

Plaudits to the Timber Army for coming across the border in such numbers (150-200 apporx) and showing that the MLS was right to create the Pacific North West rivalrly come 2011. They sadly let themselves and their Club down though by throwing beer, cups and other things at the Caps players during the match.

Classless and pointless. That's Portland in a nutshell.


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