Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They say that a week is a long time in politics. A lot can happen.

Well it seems that 24 hours is the benchmark for such things down Bayview way.

In a turbulent period East Fife have lost their manager, assistant manager and vice chairman.

Dave Baikie's resignation was welcomed by most fans and the removal of his assistant Mel Irons by more. The suddeness of the resignation is what's shocked everyone. it has just appeared out of the blue.

Baikie has said that he feels this is the right time to move on and after basically admitting in the press on Monday that he had lost the dressing room, there is no doubting that he is right.

Well to a certain extent at least.

His poor string of results and the lack of players seemingly wanting to play for him should have seen him walk weeks ago whilst we still had a shot at the play offs.

It's done now though. He's gone and thanks for the memories Dave but it's right for you to go.

Baikie's replacement has been immediate with former Scotland international Stevie Crawford bringing his wealth of experience into a promoted player/manager role for at least the rest of the season.

With Crawford being halfway through what is thought to be a pricey two year contract, the sceptics feel that this is the Club doing it on the cheap and trying to get value for money out of him. They may have a case.

It looks like the experienced Scott Crabbe and Jason Dair will be helping Craw so let's hope they can bring the best out of the players for what is left of the season.

More worrying though is Willie Gray's resignation as vice chair, with rumours of a public spat about to be aired in the press tomorrow between himself and Sid Collumbine, you do get the feeling that things are going to get a little worse before they get better at Bayview.

I'm sad to see Willie go but let's not say our goodbyes yet. Fan power got him there in the first place, got him reinstated and we can do it again if the need is there.

We'll just have to await the morning papers to find out how great that need might be.
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