Monday, April 20, 2009

He may not be to everyone's taste but it was good to hear Russell Brand back on the radio again over the weekend with his new Talksport football show with Noel Gallagher.

How regular this show is planned to be I don't know, but I hope the pair are back soon as they delivered a fun footie show that was Soccer AM from it's best days crossed with Russell's previous BBC show (no grandaughters were involved this time though, although Jonathan Ross was!).

The pair have said they'll return at the end of Oasis' current tour in October so fingers crossed.

Noel's deadpan comments just added to the proceedings and served to calm down Russell a bit. Noel's stories about Wayne Rooney (or Spongebob as he calls him) were a blast.

For those who haven't heard the show, you can find it on various download sites or visit the Talksport site directly HERE.

Well worth a listen and I hope they're back soon.
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