Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Saturday afternoon and I'm drinking with the guys. Thinking of today's results and your lovely eyes"

Another Saturday afternoon. Another East Fife match. Another failure to take three points. Another failure to produce anything but a lacklustre and powderpuff display. Another week of doom and gloom on AFTN lies ahead.

It's getting oh so predictable.

The disappointment on the pitch is in danger of being overshadowed by what's now going on off it though at Bayview.

All the rumours are pointing to some big disagreements at Boardroom level. Vice chair Sid Collumbine seemingly wants to get rid of Chairman Willie Gray. Dave Baikie won't be going anywhere as long as Willie is Chairman.

Yes, we want rid of Baikie. But no, we don't want rid of Willie. If keeping Willie means we're stuck with Baikie is that a price to pay?

What a quandry. Not helped by the fact that it's hard to see exactly what Sid and the rest of the tag along East Fife Board can bring to the table exactly.

Willie has put his money where his mouth is. It was Willie that won us the Championship. Anyone could have guided that squad of players to the title last season.

The fans are fully behind Willie but I for one can't understand his seeming loyalty to Dave Baikie. Will this ultimately be his downfall?

We've known all along that Willie isn't in this thing for the long term. He made that clear from the get go. Should we just let him walk away now and try and have some kind of hope for next season on the pitch? What would his departure leave the Board looking like and where is the money going to come from to fund any more top name players, even if we do have a new manager that can manage to get them motivated and firing anywhere near their potential.

After all the "Down With Brown" protests and the euphoria of the title, did we take our eye of the ball at boardroom level?

So many questions I know but so many lack of answers that it's actually looking a bit of scary rollercoaster ride for the immediate future.

I personally fear what path we'll be heading down if we allow Willie to be hounded out. Another Berwick? Another Stranraer? Another East Stirling?

The Batttle of Bayview has taken a much deeper twist than "Baikie Must Go" and we need to decide what part of it we want.

When we look back to that season of protests we need to ask ourselves exactly what we were fighting for. It wasn't just the removal of Derrick Brown. What was/is most important to us? Short term success on the pitch, continued long term success on the pitch, stability and financial security in the Boardroom?

It's now looking increasingly likely that we can't have more than one of these things. We need to know what we want from this current situation, because we have to be careful what we ask for, for we might just get it and it might not leave us looking any healthier.
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